In our first SMB Cell and Developmental Biology blog post, we feature illustrations by Maria Abou Chakra, a research associate in Gary Bader’s Lab at the University of Toronto. Maria has summarized all the SMB 2020 CDEV talks that she attended in the following drawings, which she creates on an iPad using Autodesk Sketchbook Pro. You can follow her on Twitter @PatternsNGames.

Monday talks:

  • Andrew Krause, University of Oxford: drawing
  • Daniel Lobo, University of Maryland, Baltimore County: drawing
  • Jason Ko, University of Maryland, Baltimore County: drawing
  • Timothy Ostler, Cardiff University: drawing
  • Adam MacLean, University of Southern California: drawing
  • Caleb Weinreb, Harvard University: drawing
  • Heyrim Cho, University of California at Riverside: drawing
  • Nathan Weinstein, UNAM: drawing
  • Aden Forrow, University of Oxford: drawing
  • Claus Kadelka, Iowa State: drawing

Tuesday talks:

  • Leonie van Steijn, Leiden University: drawing
  • Emine Atici Endes, Heriot-Watt University: drawing
  • Bradford Peercy, University of Maryland, Baltimore County: drawing
  • Marcin Zagorski, Jagiellonian University: drawing
  • Tim Liebisch, Frankfurt Inst. of Advanced Study: drawing

Wednesday talks:

  • Shane Hutson, Vanderbilt University: drawing
  • Stanislav Y Shvartsman, Princeton University: drawing
  • Celeste Nelson, Princeton University: drawing
  • Roeland Merks, Leiden University: drawing
  • Tracy Stepien, University of Florida: drawing
  • Renske Vroomans, Origins Center: drawing

Thursday talks:

  • Erwin Frey, Ludwig-Maximilians University Munich: drawing
  • Veronica Grieneisen, Cardiff University: drawing
  • Stan Maree, Cardiff University: drawing
  • Padmini Rangamani, University of California at San Diego: drawing
  • Adam Martin, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Keynote speaker): drawing
  • Ulrich Schwarz, University of Heidelberg: drawing
  • Fabian Spill, University of Birmingham: drawing
  • Carina Dunlop, University of Surrey: drawing
  • Benedikt Sabass, Forschungszentrum Juelich: drawing

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