Attending CDEV-themed biology meetings

We may be biased, but mathematical modeling of cell and developmental biology is an exciting field to be in these days. For some of us, this may become even more meaningful when our research actively engages with the experimental life sciences community. In this blog post, we curate a few resources on conferences and workshops where mathematical biologists interested in cell and developmental biology have the opportunity to connect with biologists, find potential experimental collaborators, and receive feedback on their interdisciplinary work. Certainly, the SMB Annual Meeting is a great conference for connecting with colleagues and presenting one’s research. In... [Read More]

Interview with Dr. Adriana Dawes

Associate Professor of Mathematics and Molecular Genetics, OSU

In February’s blog post, we feature an interview with Dr. Adriana Dawes, Associate Professor of Mathematics and Molecular Genetics, The Ohio State University. When did you first become interested in mathematics and biology? I’ve always been interested in trying to understand how things work. When I started my undergrad, I took honours courses in astronomy, physics, math and computer science, with the intention to study cosmology - I was very much inspired by the work of Stephen Hawking in high school. As it turned out, I didn’t enjoy astronomy as much as I had hoped, but I really enjoyed my... [Read More]
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The 2020 eSMB meeting

The sessions of the Cell and Developmental Biology group

One thing was already clear before the 2020 SMB meeting started: this was going to be a very different experience from last year. Over 1700 participants from all over the world gathered into an office building the size of a computer screen, to attend a fully online conference. While the format was born out of necessity, it also meant that many more people were able to attend. No flights, no fully-booked hotels – but depending on your time zone, you may have had to get up a bit early… The uptick in participants also meant that there were many great... [Read More]
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CDEV sessions at SMB Annual Meeting

Drawing summaries by Maria Abou Chakra

In our first SMB Cell and Developmental Biology blog post, we feature illustrations by Maria Abou Chakra, a research associate in Gary Bader’s Lab at the University of Toronto. Maria has summarized all the SMB 2020 CDEV talks that she attended in the following drawings, which she creates on an iPad using Autodesk Sketchbook Pro. You can follow her on Twitter @PatternsNGames. Monday talks: Andrew Krause, University of Oxford: drawing Daniel Lobo, University of Maryland, Baltimore County: drawing Jason Ko, University of Maryland, Baltimore County: drawing Timothy Ostler, Cardiff University: drawing Adam MacLean, University of Southern California: drawing Caleb Weinreb,... [Read More]
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SMB Subgroup on Cell and Developmental Biology

Welcome to the webpage for the Cell and Developmental Biology subgroup of the Society for Mathematical Biology (SMB). More information about SMB subgroups is available here. This subgroup aims to bring together researchers interested in the areas of stem cell and developmental biology, modeling and analysis of developmental processes, including biochemical signalling and biomechanics, and their interplay. We organize activities such as minisymposia and networking events at the SMB Annual Meetings.
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